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ACI Pure Flour Limited is a sister concern of ACI Limed which established in January 2008.Within the very short period of time ACI Pure Flour has become the most familiar brand in the day to day life of the consumers. ACI Pure Flour corporate office is in ACI center. It has got its own factory in Dewli, Chourapara, Narayangonj. The mission of ACI Pure Flour Limited is to capture the demand and supply of whole wheat based product in Bangladesh. In production ACI Pure Flour is using completely automated European Technology. World famous “Ocrim Machine” has been used in production. Hygienic HDPE pack has been used for packaging which is scientific and very much environment friendly.

Brief Profile of ACI Pure Flour Limited:
ACI Pure Flour Limited is well-known countrywide for its Pure brand.It serves consumers with Atta, Maida, & Suji.The world famous machine “OCRIM” is used for production.Moreover meticularly chosen wheat is also used for quality production.State of the art technology, fresh wheat grain & automatic quality production gradually build today’s reputation of purity of ACI Pure.This company was established in September 2006.

Chairman: Mr. Anis ud Dowla
Managing Director: Mr. Arif ud Dowla
Board of directors:
Director: Syed Alamgir

ACI Flour Limited
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